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Thank you for stopping in to learn more about the Rapid Clamp company. It was founded in
1999 and has been producing the Rapid Clamp Tie-down System since the 99-00 season.
The clamp was originally designed back in 1996 and was tested and refined until it's debut at
the Princeton grass drags in Minnesota. Since then it has been at snow shows from Jackson
Hole to New York..

The clamp was designed by Trevor Studanski and his family. He has been an avid
snowmobiler since 1970. Like the rest of us he had problems with and didn't like the standard
screw down system, mostly because he couldn't lock it. So he set out to make it lockable.
During the prototype stage it became very quick. That is when he knew he had a marketable
product. Since his Dad has many patents and the style could be copied, he tried for a patent
and was granted it in the spring of 2001. Patent # 6244800

14075 Prosperity Ave
Becker, MN 55308
Ph: 763-261-2090
Fax: 763-261-2091
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